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Krmel School of Sentient Birth

Every Child Born has a Unique Soul Purpose.

When a Being is born into a birth environment that vibrates with love, deep respect, and a finely tuned level of consciousness around the immense Rite of Passage that is birth - a tremendous force of love is put in motion.

The birth process is a humans first felt sense of life outside of the womb. Every aspect of the environment which one is born into creates an imprint or a set of beliefs that one refers to ‘as so’ throughout the course of their lives.

Most of us spend a tremendous amount of life force energy (inner.chi) unconsciously managing the events surrounding our birth.

By educating and supporting women and couples to consciously create positive experiences of pregnancy, naturally healing birth environments, and to acknowledge their full capacity as creators, we holistically dissolve the outdated paradigm.

A tremendous gift is added into humanity’s collective field. The child, the family, and the global community are positively empowered; and the seed of pure potentiality is a living reminder for generations to come.

This is the potency and power that resides in the Sentient ‘Birthmosphere’.


Endowed with feeling and unstructured consciousness.


The time when something begins (especially life).

Sentient Birth:

Sentient Birth is a healing edge approach to Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Life. Our guided emphasis is to honor the Soul Purpose of every Being born.

The heightened emotional state of pregnancy is no accident, but an opportunity to access the incredible well of creation energy living inside of you. Pregnancy is the perfect time to commit to your greater soul growth as everything naturally arises to be felt, acknowledged and explored, in essence… purified.

Offering an experiential understanding of Creation Energy, Vibrational Set Point and the path of Self Mastery, Sentient Birth inspires, educates, and supports families to create an empowered and positive experience of birth.

Sentient Birth consciousness minimizes the trauma of the birth experience, and maximizes the healing potential of ‘the birthmosphere’. We share simple yet potent tools for self development, and nurture inner ease in the process of Personal Growth and Conscious Co.Creation.

School of Sentient Birth Offerings:

  • Spirit Coaching® for Individuals, Couples and for Sentient Birth
  • Sentient Birth Doula Services
  • Energetics of Birth - A New Paradigm in Childbirth Education
  • Intuitive Readings and Healings
  • Wombsong Healing™ Sessions


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